A Few Ways To Control Your Self From All That Over Eating

Stressed out? Eat. Bored? Eat. Depressed? Eat. Your cousin’s best friends, neighbour’s grandmother’s fish died? Eat. Finding an excuse to over eat can be easy, be it going for second servings on a heavenly dish your mom only makes when visitors are coming or binge eating different flavoured chips with every different Netflix show you binge watch. Well, here’s the thing, when you eat while under stress or unconsciously in front of the T.V, you digest your food less effectively. If you don’t digest your food properly, nutritious food can lose much of its nutritious value and might sometimes end up getting stored as fats. Here’s few ways to bash binge eating and break bad eating habits.

Brush Your Teeth.

It’s not the daily morning routine I’m talking about but rather a more unique way to control your over eating habits. Brush your teeth. If you find it hard to stop crunching on cashews and syrup coaxed popcorn or grabbing a chocolate cookie for the second or third time, get up and go brush your teeth. This approach will break the urge to go on snacking.

Eat Slowly.

Don’t eat like you’re on a donut eating competition, rather eat like you’re a person with a dislocated jaw or are disabled. Simply put, don’t rush. Chew every mouthful of food pathetically slow. This will give your body more time to feel full, leaving you less likely to over eat.

Go Fruits For Dessert.

If you’re like me and crave for something sweet after lunch and dinner and are sucker for desserts, then instead of having an ice cream, enjoy frozen or chilled yogurt, iced milk or popsicles that comes in a number of fruity goodness. You can also fight your sugar cravings by getting yourself enrolled to cooking classes that will teach you healthy eating and a low fat dessert menu.

Explain Yourself.

Sometimes a pep talk you’re yourself is all what you need to control yourself from secretly sneaking on your favourite snacks. Explain yourself, your family and your friends. Tell them about your goals and diet plans and ask you grandmother especially to not be very generous when it comes to food. It’s all about being a good parent to the childishness in you and warn that inner 5 year old about the consequences of your desires.

Workout Regularly.

Exercise speeds up your metabolism so that calories are burned in an efficient way hours afterwards. Talk to a dietician Gold Coast and schedule your workout in the right way to burn calories effectively. Workout an hour before eating is recommended to pep up on your metabolism and burn off more your meal.

Use Small Plates And Clear The Table.

When you’re setting the table, eat off a small plate to make sure you have a control on portion. Small portions on large dinner plates can be less satisfying and get you eating more than what’s required. In addition, after you’re done eating, clear the table almost right away. Leaving platters on the table when the meal is over, it will encourage over eating and second helpings.