Should You Use Mat To Do Yoga?

Nowadays, yoga becomes so popular that it spreads all over the world. You have to do a lot of postures in yoga. If you do it on floor without using any mat then your knees, hands can be injured. Here comes the importance of mats.

At first yoga was practiced on grass, but after that it was practiced on tigers’ skin because it was softer and comfortable and has a cushioning effect. Tigers’ skin was used tigers died naturally, but as population increases it became impossible to use tiger skin for yoga and then Yoga mat was invented. It is also soft, comfortable and has a cushioning effect. There are a lot of yoga postures that you can’t do without a yoga mat. Thankfully, lots of Australian stores sell these mats. You need to search for yoga mats australia online stores offers and then buy the right one.
Now we discuss about the necessity of yoga mats. Go here for more information about yoga mat.  

What is yoga mat?

Yoga mat is generally a rubber mat; it also could be a cotton or jute mat. There are several types of mats that are used in different types of yoga. There are many reasons of using a yoga mat. But the main reason of using a yoga mat is to protect your body from the touch of ground to save your energy and heat from getting grounded. Most yoga teachers suggest yoga mats for yoga class. There are different types of colours, fabrics, styles, forms in yoga mats. It is used as per the importance. You will find varieties of mats including bikram yoga mat Australia offers.What are the advantages of a yoga mat?

There are two types of advantages of a yoga mat. One is physical and the other one is super conscious advantage. Yoga includes stretching exercises so everyone has to stretch during yoga. But if you do it on floor, whether it is a marble floor or wooden floor you can be slipped, and it can lead to muscle cramps, fatigue etc. Yoga mat has an anti slippery nature. So, it helps to resist the slipping of the body part. The yoga mat also prevents any type of loss of heat and energy from body to the ground. Yoga also includes breathing exercises and most of the yoga teachers suggest using yoga mats during breathing exercises because during breathing exercises energies are generated inside our body. If we don’t use mats, the generated energy will be washed down to the ground.